Millionaire Matchmaking

Millionaire matchmaking is a very small part of the industry of matchmaking and it has several differences from the usual dating service. Unless the owners of such a business verify that the millionaire really is one, they won’t last long. Probably they don’t take the millionaire’s word, but actually have to check bank balances or talk to accountants. But that’s usually it. The company would ask what kind of woman or man the millionaire wants. Bimbo is the usual truth no matter what they say.

Why would a millionaire need matchmaking? They usually say they just haven’t met the right girl, or guy, no matter how hard they try. Isn’t this what any lonely single person would say? They might say they’re too busy, which is an interesting concept. It may really be true. One thing millionaires have in common in focus. Absolute focus on what they are doing, how to make their idea work, how to find funding for it, how to get the right people together. They are really driven people who sometimes don’t take the time to take a breath.

Often they are not just like us, only more focused. They are different in kind, not just in the degree to which they are absorbed in their work. It takes up almost their every waking moment, and the crazy part is, they love it. They feel absolutely fulfilled, intensely alive when up to their ears in the work. Any partner would have to know they come in second. All the time. This puts a little kink in milllionaire matchmaking.

This kind of absorption takes up all their time, which in most of us is not spent in social activities, like learning how to meet people. Or how to make small talk. Or how to connect emotionally. They may be pretty incomplete, and not necessarily baby ducks just waiting to become swans. Whole areas of their personality may not be developed.

Who are the people who sign up for millionaire matchmaking? Probably just what you think: looking for mates with money. They also have to be very very presentable, at least 8’s on a scale of 10. Because no matter how socially inept, how emotionally withdrawn the millionaire is, there is always the money to make all those silly expectations go away. It’s a powerful motivator. But here’s the crazy part: sometimes it works. Sometimes they get matched up with somebody very like them who would be understanding of the focus and commitment, and real relationships grow. This is the best possible outcome.

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