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On the Threshold of Eternity
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Brintellix is an immediate – release oral tablet which is antidepressant in nature. The main constitutents of Brintellix are beta polymorph of vortioxetine hydro bromide with a molecular weight of 397.36g/mol. However some of the inactive ingredients are also present in Brintellix like mannitol, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate etc.


Brintellix is used for major depressive disorder. The recommended starting dose of Brintellix is ten mg given orally without giving meals to the patient. As tolerated, the dose should be increases up to twenty mg a day because it is seen that higher dosage results in quick treatment effects. However a dose to 5 mg a day may also be considered for the patient who does not tolerate high dose of Brintellix.

 Who should not take Brintellix

>>You should not take Brintellix if you are allergic to Vortioxetine or any ingredient used in the Brintellix.

>> You should take Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors in case you have allergy to the ingredients used in Brintellix.

>> You should not take Brintellix within twenty one days of stopping Brintellix.

>> If you start taking MOI in last fourteen days, then you should not start taking Brintellix.


Things to avoid while taking Brintellix

 There are so many things you need to avoid while taking Brintellix. You should not drive vehicles and operate heavy machines and other dangerous and life danger activities. You should also avoid consuming alcohol while taking Brintellix.

So, this is my review about Brintellix, an anti depressant drug. If you have any problem on negative affection due to Brintellix then immediately consult your doctor.


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