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Anoro VS Spiriva

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD is a chronic lung disease which continues to progress over time. It is a condition wherein the airways of the lungs become inflamed and narrowed. The clogged mucus makes it difficult for air to go in and out of the lungs which results to breathing difficulties. It is considered one of the leading causes of death and morbidity worldwide and has become a huge economic burden to healthcare system globally.


When you have COPD, it is most likely that you also have one or both conditions that comprise the disease – Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema. In chronic bronchitis, there is persistent coughing due to production of mucus that is more than normal. There is damage to the airways causing inflammation and thickening which makes it difficult to breath. Emphysema on the other hand, is a condition where the walls of the air sacs are destroyed which leads to fewer, larger and less flexible sacs. This leads to lesser surface areas for oxygen absorption from the air you breathe. COPD is acquired through smoking and constant exposure to environmental substances such as fumes or gases, pollution, heavy amounts of secondhand smoke, frequent use of a cooking fire without ventilation, and inhalation of chemical irritants. Although there are people who smoke for years and never get COPD, it is more likely for them to develop the disease with constant smoking.


The most common treatment for COPD is bronchodilation. Bronchodilator therapy helps improve lung function, decrease the severity of symptoms, and reduce the risk of future exacerbations (flare-ups which cause sudden difficulty in breathing) in COPD. These bronchodilators may be taken in the form of an inhaler or nebulizer which helps loosen tightened muscles around the airways of the lungs thereby normalizing a person’s breathing. The two most commonly used are Anoro and Spiriva.


Here are their brief description and safety information:


Anoro is an inhalation powder containing umeclidinium, an anticholinergic and vilanterol, a bronchodilator. Both of these medicine components work to relax the muscles in the lung airways to facilitate easy breathing.


  • It is approved for use in COPD but not in asthma.
  • It is not used to treat flare-ups or sudden breathing problems. It is necessary to always bring an emergency inhaler prescribed by your doctor.
  • People with asthma taking vilanterol for a long time may be at risk of death from asthma problems although it is not known to increase risk of death among COPD patients.
  • Anoro should not be taken if you have severe allergy to milk proteins or any ingredients of Anoro.
  • Common side effects include: sore throat, sinus infection, lower respiratory infections, common cold symptoms, constipation, diarrhea, pain in arms and legs, muscle spasms, neck and chest pain.
  • Adverse reactions may include: rash or hives, swelling of face, mouth, and tongue, breathing problems, tremors, nervousness, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, eye pain or discomfort, blurring of vision, nausea and vomiting, halos or bright colors seen around lights, red eyes, and urinary problems.


Spiriva (triotoprium) is a bronchodilator that helps relax muscles in the airways and increases flow of air to the lungs.


  • It is used for daily long-term treatment among people with asthma 6 years and older but is not used to treat sudden attacks of asthma or COPD.
  • Spiriva is not to be used by people who have allergies to similar drugs or any of its ingredients.
  • Allergic reactions may include hives, skin rash, itching, swelling of lips, tongue, or throat. The reported common side effects are sore throat, headache, cough, dry mouth, and sinus infection.
  • Severe reactions may include: bronchospasm, increased eye pressure, dizziness, blurry vision, and urinary retention.
  • Do not spray Spiriva to your eyes as it may cause irritation and remember to not swallow the capsules. The contents should only be inhaled by mouth using a handihaler device.


For both of these bronchodilators, immediately call your doctor in case of breathing difficulties or any adverse reactions. Be extra careful or avoid driving and other tasks requiring mental alertness or are hazardous. Inform the doctor your history of illness including other medicines taken, herbs, vitamins and supplements as they may have a reaction to the medicine. Take only as prescribed and do not immediately stop taking the medications without the doctor’s advice. For more information, consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment because COPD is usually mistaken for asthma.





This material is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and should not be relied as  medical advice. Always consult your doctor before taking any medication or supplements.



Black Mica

Biotite or Black Mica is a shiny black mineral found in igneous and metamorphic rocks. The color of this biotite may be black, dark green or dark brown with streaks ranging from white to gray. It consists of various minerals, nutrients and elements such as magnesium, aluminum, silicon, oxygen and hydrogen which can be extracted to create “Adya Water” or “Ionized Minerals.” It is said to have healing properties and is able to awaken one’s consciousness.


Mica is without color and odor and easily flakes into powder. Industrially, it can be used as electrical insulation, and may be used in the production of roofing shingles, wallpaper, paint and plastics. Its powder form also provides the glittery effect in cosmetics because it is shiny, pearlescent and satiny.


Black mica solution on the other hand, is the solution form of purified water and ionic sulfate minerals extracted from biotite that contains calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and 82 trace minerals.


The cage-like structure of binded potassium ions with iron, magnesium, aluminum and silicate sheets allows for trapping mechanism. It is believed to clean up all impurities in the water such as arsenic, lead, mercury, chlorine, nitrates, chloramine, and fluoride. Its magnetic characteristic is said to gather these toxins as can be seen at the bottom of your glass of water.


According from stories of the past, Black mica was discovered in Japan year 1960 by Dr. Asao Shimanishi. He believed that by pulling out the minerals and keeping them in an ionized state (black mica extract) will provide healthful benefits that can be ingested safely by people.


This black mica extract removes toxins while combining healthy minerals when added to water. It also helps remove calcium formations in the brain, lungs, breasts and prostate. It can also eliminate plaque from the teeth and candida or yeast from the body.  It is also believed to aid in blood oxygenation thereby regulating blood pressure and blood sugar. In addition to that, it also helps reverse gray hair and stop hair loss.


It is important to keep in mind however, that these claims are not documented. Manufacturers still recommend using other filtration means along with the solution such as a charcoal filtration layer. Be mindful also of the parasites or bacteria present in the water which may not be removed by using black mica extract.


Mica on the other hand, is harmless in solid form but its dust and powder can cause health problems. Some people may experience skin and eye irritation with redness and itching. It can also cause shortness of breath, wheezing, and coughing as it irritates the mucous membranes lining the lungs. In the long run, this can cause scarring of lung tissue resulting to chronic cough, pneumoconiosis (commonly seen in people working in mines and constantly exposed to coal dust.)


Though black mica is known to have many health benefits, it is still important to ask your doctor if it is safe to use. Consider also the cost as it is an expensive product. Lastly, this may not be suitable for use among people with digestive problems and diseases because of its high acidity content.


Always consult your doctor for possible effects when using this product.




This material is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and should not be relied as  medical advice. Always consult your doctor before taking any medication or supplements.



Get Lovely Curls in an Instant with Heated Rollers

Curly and bouncy hair styles will always be a fashion staple that women of all ages and races love, and all for good reasons. These are very easy and simple to create with the use of the right styling techniques and products. If you want to get those bouncy and big girls fast, it is time to get yourself a heated roller.

What are Heated Rollers?

Heated rollers come in sets inside a box which you have to plug in to an electric socket then leave them to warm up for around 10 minutes. These rollers are often made of ceramic and in three different sizes, from large, medium and small to create various kinds of curls, from bouncy waves to tight ringlets.

There are sets with light which indicates if they are already heated and ready to be used. Others come with a dot on their roller which turns into a different color. Upon warming up, the tool can keep the heat for around 15 minute and cool down little by little to provide long lasting results. The set you will buy may come with temperature control which makes it recommended for several hair types. Many heated rollers also come with pins and clips to keep them in place when used on your hair. (more…)

How To Lose Weight With Garcinia Cambogia

garcinia_cambodia1People who struggle with weight problem usually try different ways of cutting weight some of which have harmful effects to the body. Most people try dieting but dieting alone cannot provide a weight loss solution. There are many supplements available to help people loss weight but most of them don’t work. Garcinia Cambogia refers to a tropical citrus fruit which resembles a small pumpkin and is mostly grown in South India and Asia. These fruits, though sour, are quite useful in providing natural weight loss solutions. This fruit has vital components called hydroxycitric acid HCA which help people burn their fats. This natural solution is provide an effective way of loosing weight and has no major side effects.

How Garcinia Cambogia works

The fruit contains HCA which is known to sharpen body signals sent to the brain to portray the image that the stomach is full. HCA also plays a crucial role of supplying the body with energy. The acid has appetite suppressing components hence helping Garcinia Cambogia users avoid unhealthy feeding habits because of hunger. It has also been found that the fruit triggers the formation of some hormones in the brain which makes a person feel better hence reducing cases of feeding because of boredom which has been attributed as the main cause of adolescent obesity.

Experts have also liked Garcinia Cambogia to boosting the immune system. The acid also enhances a person’s metabolic rate hence preventing further accumulation of fats in the body in addition to burning the existing ones. This is done by increasing energy demand in the body which makes more fats to be broken down to supply the required energy. HCA is a good cleaner of digestion and excretory system organs through reduced blockages by toxins and which facilitates fat loss.


Taking carbohydrates in excess leads to the accumulation of glucose in the liver and muscles and which is eventually converted to fats hence causing weight gain. Garcinia Cambogia however helps to limit this conversion. It also helps reduce the craving for a carbohydrate diet by increasing serotonin in the brain. Garcinia Cambogia also prevents the extra calorie taken from forming fats but facilitates formation of glycogen hence enhancing energy.

Garcinia Cambogia is therefore vital in your weight loss process. It is also known to boost sleeping practices and makes a person feel relaxed and this is also important in weight loss process. Garcinia Cambogia can be taken as a fruit or in the form of supplements in tea or spice. It should be used alongside exercise and low fat intake so as to realize maximum results fast.