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Curly and bouncy hair styles will always be a fashion staple that women of all ages and races love, and all for good reasons. These are very easy and simple to create with the use of the right styling techniques and products. If you want to get those bouncy and big girls fast, it is time to get yourself a heated roller.

What are Heated Rollers?

Heated rollers come in sets inside a box which you have to plug in to an electric socket then leave them to warm up for around 10 minutes. These rollers are often made of ceramic and in three different sizes, from large, medium and small to create various kinds of curls, from bouncy waves to tight ringlets.

There are sets with light which indicates if they are already heated and ready to be used. Others come with a dot on their roller which turns into a different color. Upon warming up, the tool can keep the heat for around 15 minute and cool down little by little to provide long lasting results. The set you will buy may come with temperature control which makes it recommended for several hair types. Many heated rollers also come with pins and clips to keep them in place when used on your hair.

Heated Rollers and What They Can Do

Like traditional hair rollers, a heated roller creates small tighter curls or big bouncy waves which depend on their size and time. The tool can also give lift and volume to your hair. The kind of curl that these rollers create will depend on the heat of the roller, length of hair and length of time you leave them on your hair. The size of hair sections you use can affect the kind of curl you can make as well.

For wavy and soft curls, you can use big rollers on low temperature then leave them on for around 10 minutes. To have tighter curls, you can opt for smaller rollers on higher temperature then leave them on for 15 to 20 minutes.

Steps on Using Heated Rollers

  1. Heat up the rollers by plugging them in an electric outlet. Apply heat protection on thoroughly combed, clean and dry hair then divide into three sections with the clips provided.

  2. Section the hair from your ears and clip up most of your hair, leaving down just a tiny section.

  3. Divide the rest of your hair in half then clip one side out of the way.

  4. Put a heated roller below the hair around halfway down its length. Wrap around the roller the bottom half of your hair.

  5. Secure it in place with a roller pink

  6. Repeat the same step on the other side, with the roller placed on top of your hair for all curls to be in the same directions.

  7. Proceed one section after another, doing both sides and top of the hair.

  8. Apply some hairspray.

  9. Leave on the rollers for 30 to 45 minutes.

  10. Unpin the roller one by one and gently remove it from your hair.

  11. Brush through your curls with care.

  12. Fix using hairspray.

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