Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Hypertension is an indicator of how hard the cardiovascular system has to work. It is the force applied on the walls of the body’s bloodstream and the internal organs as the heart pumps the blood via them. The high blood pressure is always dangerous to health and if it is permanent, then it is extremely risky because it can damage the delicate soft tissues and the cells of arteries & organs. It can cause many problems; may be loss of life too (it is often called as ‘the silent killer’) and the only way to keep an eye on it is to keep measuring BP on regular intervals. It can cause heart attacks, debilitating strokes, and other heart disease.

What causes Hypertension or High blood pressure?

There is no particular cause of high blood pressure, but a common cause is Salt. I see many people craving for salts in their meal like insane. Salt contains sodium and exceeding the normal amount in our body will cause high blood pressure. Our human body is not designed to intake more than 1500mg of sodium per day but due to our crave for tasty food, we usually exceed the limit. This is not only about the exceeding intakes, but a poor diet is also a cause of high blood pressure. That is why I said ‘There is no particular cause of hypertension’. Arteries can become clogged, if we will take too much saturated fats & cholesterol and that will force your heart to work extra hard to supply blood. Therefore, it can increase the risk of high blood pressure. One more example; if you are sitting in front of your computer or you’re sitting on a simple chair all day, that will also increase the risk of high blood pressure. Due to the inactivity of your body, your heart tends to work hard.

Stress can also be a major cause of hypertension and most people ignores this region. Our body is a machine and the heart is its engine. So the mental stress and anxiety is directly proportional to the cardiovascular system, which will affect your blood flow and circulation. A better sleep, exercise, and reduced caffeine level can help you for a healthy lifestyle and to reduce high blood pressure.

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