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English: Photo of skin test about 15 minutes a...
English: Photo of skin test about 15 minutes after the application of allergens and the scratching. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kale allergy is a rare but one of the important allergic symptoms to be discussed. Kale allergy is due to the a vegetable called as kale, which is green and leafy vegetable also known in some places as ‘BROCOLE’. Allergy happens due to the response of our immune system towards something we eat, smell or feel. The kale allergic after having the meal often feel uncomfortable, which is the reaction of kale on the immune system.

There are various symptoms of the kale allergy so in order to be confirmed that you have kale allergy you can look after them. The symptom can be a feeling of itchiness near to the mouth area, swelling of the face, skin rashes, throat infection, vomiting, wheezing and coughing, Diarrhea and abdominal cramps.If you are experiencing any of the symptoms from above then you can be the victim of kale allergy.

If you have kale allergy then it is always a better option to stop eating kale. Kale is basically not for the people who are allergic to proteins. The allergy can cause you other problems if not treated quickly. You may have the problem of constipation. There are also cases which show some additional problems caused by kale allergy such as joint pain, fatigue, heartburns, etc. Like any other allergy kale allergy can also lead you to temporary acne.

There is still research going on to figure out more relevant causes of the kale allergy. Kale allergy is slowly becoming more common in our society so it is better to acknowledge them before they can cause serious problem in your body. There are home remedies for the allergy, like: you can have turmeric with hot milk or garlic tea for eliminating the effect of allergy.

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