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Madecassol is a powerful  effective skin treatment for Keloid scars, it is also said to be a very active scar improver with some side effect.

Madecassol is also an extract of {centella asiatica} which is a member of the  Umbelliferae family. It contains a lot of asiatic acid, madecassic acid, and asiaticoside acid. It is being used for the abstainance and prevention of cicatrization

Centella asiatica
Centella asiatica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cenella asiatica is  an anti inflammatory herb from Asia, the powerful herb has been known for ages for for its medicinal qualities. It has the ability to improve wound healing and scars. Since the production of this drug, there has been no side effect because of  the weak sensitizers that it is made up of.

Centalla scar cream was made from cenella asiatica, it was produced by some professional physicians based in Asia. It is also meant to  treat and prevent scars. It has  antibacterial and moisturizing features  that even makes it more super active than even aloe vera.

According to a renowned scientist, he said madecassol is a compulsory treatment after  surgery or costmetic surgery. Cenella asiatica is also known as  gotu kola, indian pernewort, and  rau’nam in vietnam language.

Mostly in Thailand, it is used as a detoxifying formula to aid and assist in the treatment of  Opium.

Madecassol is currently under the license of  a consumer care in Switzerland called  Bayer Turkish industry. Madecassol cream can be used for  treatment on bad skins, and it helps remove injuries, surgeries, acne and wrinkle.

The cream also contains lavender and pelargonium essence. It can be applied on the skin only two to three times a day. It can also be applied on new scars only  four to five times a day for about  six  to seven month.

One good thing i love about madecassol is that it can heal faster better than vaseline, ti basically  helps the wound contraction during scar injuries. In the market it is considerec to be the number one commercial product containing  hydrocotyle.

It contains about sixty percent of  ethylene glycol, geranium, purified water and other powerful elements. The most valuable effect i love about this product is the way it stimulates the scar and reduce the  inflammatory and myofoblast reactions.

It is the best product i have ever seen in my entire life.

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