Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Oceans alive is a supplement that stimulates the growth of new cells by providing hundreds of trace minerals and essential nutrients in the body. This helps to delay the aging process thus making the body more energized than usual.

Oceans alive boast of being a super food which is manufactured from marine phytoplankton which contains enzymes, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and pigments in a balanced level.

Under some conditions, certain phytoplankton produces toxic substances which are lethal to humans and marine life. Such dangerous phytoplankton emissions are commonly referred to as red tides. This is because sometimes they are red-orange or red in color. Because some of the red-colored are not harmful, a more suitable term for such poisonous emissions is HAB or harmful algae bloom. HABs cost over$80 million each year under health care expenses and causes damages to tourism and fisheries in the United States of America. Humans can become terribly sick just by consuming shellfish from water bodies contaminated with HAB.

According to a science publication of Princeton University in January 2010, the increase in the acid content of oceans is making it difficult for the absorption of iron by phytoplankton, which is an important nutrient for maintaining the healthy nature of populations of phytoplankton.

The levels of acidity are believed to have increased as a result of a rise in the amount of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere. All ocean mammals and fish feed on phytoplankton either directly or by consuming fishes that feed on them. If the acid levels continue to increase, the population of phytoplankton may reduce thus reducing the amount of food present for marine life, the study suggests.

Marine phytoplankton cannot be seen without the aid of a microscope, but they make a huge impact on the global environment. Sometimes they produce poisonous chemicals that make people sick and kill fish.

Elevated body temperature screening (EBT) not only requires an in depth understanding about thermography, but also a solid understanding of physiological effects of the human body. In particular, how the body thermally regulates. We use an Elevated Body Temperature Detection System that provides fast, accurate mass screening for elevated temperatures. The system is non-invasive, zero-contact and fast. As a means of helping to prevent the spread of illness, many institutions are implementing thermal imaging cameras as pre-screening devices. The FDA recommends taking these temperature measurements by targeting the inner eye canthus or tear duct.

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