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If you head to the reumofan plus website you may be drawn in by the claims that this pill is the perfect remedy for your arthritis. This could well be true, but another claim is made on the website, the fact that the pill is made from all natural ingredients, this is of course leading to more people buying it due to the perceived lack of side effects. Recent laboratory reports however indicate that these claims may not be totally true; in fact, they may be a complete fabrication. Let’s take a look at what these laboratory reports have highlighted.

For a long time it has been widely assumed that reumofan plus’ active ingredients are steroids. This has been indicated by the side effects that people have been experiencing whilst on this pill such as withdrawal symptoms or weight gain. This laboratory test that I am going to discuss does not indicate that any steroids are present, but what is actually contained may be much darker. Let’s take a look at what the researchers believe are the active ingredients in this pill.

From what I can tell, the chemical that appears to be having the most effect on our systems when we take the Reumofan plus pills is known as ‘Diproqualone’. This drug is a well-known drug for those that suffer from inflammatory pain. It can also be used as a sedative, one of the side effects of using reumofan plus appears to be ‘drowsiness’, so perhaps it is this drug that is causing it?

TROX-1 appears to be the pain suppressant in the bunch. This can obviously be a bad thing as too many painkillers can kill you. Many people will take a painkiller in addition to reumofan plus, therefore they are putting their lives at risk every time they take a pill.

Clonidine can also be found within the pill. This is generally used to lower blood pressure. Therefore it can be fatal to those that suffer from low blood pressure to start with.

One of the worst ingredients that has been found in the pill is known as ‘Robaxin’. This is a muscle relaxant, which can of course benefit those that suffer from arthritis. However, doctors very rarely prescribe it due to the hideous side effects it can have. It is also on a list of ‘no-go drugs’ for the elderly as it can be dangerous for them. The people that will most likely be using the Reumofan Plus drug are the elderly as they are the ones that suffer from arthritis the most.

Next time you see a pill online indicate that it is made from all natural ingredients I suggest looking away. There is a good chance that it doesn’t, after all many of them are not regulated like standard pills on the market. We rely on independent laboratory tests to help find out what is really in the things we are putting in our mouth. Hopefully soon reumofan plus will be taken off the market, in its current form is much too dangerous for many people that take it.

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