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Reumofan Plus Dangers

Rheumatoid arthritis (3)

Rheumatoid arthritis (3) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reumofan Plus is safe until you hear from someone that it isn’t. Hearsay or real, you then resolve to yourself that it’s just another product that is too good to be true. And, as twisted as Cinderella not leaving her glass slipper behind, the idea of trying it simply slips off your mind. Well, ain’t it a bummer? Hearing that what you think could be your ultimate panacea to the living torture arthritis brings is actually not what you think it is. Apparently, you may be right, however, here are the real untwisted facts about Reumofan Plus that you might just want to hear before you even purchase another bottle or throw your stocks down the drain.

Reumofan Plus secured effects

                Reumofan Plus is as good as your typical cure be it celebrex or prednisone. Though one may say that the supplement is nothing compared to these drugs, it actually offers more than what they do. The secret of Reumofan Plus is it’s all-natural, all-herbal and highly organic. With effects that focus on soothing and stubbing any pain triggered by arthritis and even to treating and optimally healing the underlying mechanisms behind the disease, Reumofan Plus has established a reputation of its own. Aside from that, Reumofan Plus also has the added benefits of healing certain abnormalities such as hair loss and certain infectious diseases. The supplement also promises to strengthen the immune system and improve total blood circulation and hasten the digestion process.

Reumofan Plus Dangers

Although most customers are quite satisfied with Reumofan Plus’ beneficial effects, it is undeniable that there is also a downside to the product. Most customers noted that their first weeks of intake though highly commendable in effect were still not the one that they have imagined. For one, allergies that go from rashes to difficulty in breathing were inevitable. In the long run however, they said that the allergies diminished and finally ended. On the other side of the note, another disadvantage to the supplement was seen when other users complained about being restless and sleepless not only during the first weeks but everytime they would take-in the said supplement. This then adds the risk of aging rapidly and even being unhealthy. Most of the people who complained about being restless also added that they gained weight since their appetite increased during their waking hours.

Reumofan Plus dangers are not at all hearsays, they are rather observations that people have noted. However, if one wants to try out this supplement, it’s always best to see the effects on one’s self.

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Reumofan Plus Ingredients

chemical structure of diproqualone Français : ...

chemical structure of diproqualone Français : Structure chimique de la diproqualone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you head to the reumofan plus website you may be drawn in by the claims that this pill is the perfect remedy for your arthritis. This could well be true, but another claim is made on the website, the fact that the pill is made from all natural ingredients, this is of course leading to more people buying it due to the perceived lack of side effects. Recent laboratory reports however indicate that these claims may not be totally true; in fact, they may be a complete fabrication. Let’s take a look at what these laboratory reports have highlighted.

For a long time it has been widely assumed that reumofan plus’ active ingredients are steroids. This has been indicated by the side effects that people have been experiencing whilst on this pill such as withdrawal symptoms or weight gain. This laboratory test that I am going to discuss does not indicate that any steroids are present, but what is actually contained may be much darker. Let’s take a look at what the researchers believe are the active ingredients in this pill.

From what I can tell, the chemical that appears to be having the most effect on our systems when we take the Reumofan plus pills is known as ‘Diproqualone’. This drug is a well-known drug for those that suffer from inflammatory pain. It can also be used as a sedative, one of the side effects of using reumofan plus appears to be ‘drowsiness’, so perhaps it is this drug that is causing it?

TROX-1 appears to be the pain suppressant in the bunch. This can obviously be a bad thing as too many painkillers can kill you. Many people will take a painkiller in addition to reumofan plus, therefore they are putting their lives at risk every time they take a pill.

Clonidine can also be found within the pill. This is generally used to lower blood pressure. Therefore it can be fatal to those that suffer from low blood pressure to start with.

One of the worst ingredients that has been found in the pill is known as ‘Robaxin’. This is a muscle relaxant, which can of course benefit those that suffer from arthritis. However, doctors very rarely prescribe it due to the hideous side effects it can have. It is also on a list of ‘no-go drugs’ for the elderly as it can be dangerous for them. The people that will most likely be using the Reumofan Plus drug are the elderly as they are the ones that suffer from arthritis the most.

Next time you see a pill online indicate that it is made from all natural ingredients I suggest looking away. There is a good chance that it doesn’t, after all many of them are not regulated like standard pills on the market. We rely on independent laboratory tests to help find out what is really in the things we are putting in our mouth. Hopefully soon reumofan plus will be taken off the market, in its current form is much too dangerous for many people that take it.

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Reumofan plus side effects

General formula of steroids, with standard ste...

General formula of steroids, with standard stereo orientations. IUPAC-IUB Joint Commission on Biochemical Nomenclature (JCBN): Nomenclature of steroids (Recommendations 1989); doi:10.1351/pac198961101783. PDF (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The manufacturers of this pill claim that there are absolutely no side effects to using this supplement, however people have been popping up throughout the internet and are claiming that there are many side effects to using the Reumofan Plus Pill.

There is one ingredient in the pill; Shark Cartilage that causes a great deal of side effects. This ingredient is known to cause bad breath as well as signs of nausea and tiredness. It is also not suitable for pregnant women as it can cause a sharp drop in blood pressure.

The pill also includes an ingredient called Glucosamine; this is normally found in shellfish. Therefore if you are allergic to shellfish then it is suggested that you steer well clear of the pill as it can cause a severe allergic reaction.

The ingredient within the package that seems to cause the most problems for people is ‘Cortisone’. This is not a natural ingredient but a steroid. Apparently it isn’t found in all times of Reumofan Plus Pills. Whilst it can help relieve pain ingestion of this steroid has a ton of undesirable side effects. Perhaps the least of your worries of these side effects is that you will have many sleepness nights.

Steroids are addictive for your body, and despite Reumofan Plus claiming that the pills are not addictive the steroids are. It will make you feel sick if you quit taking the steroids cold turkey as well as whilst being on them you will experience swelling and weight gain as well as extra hair growth. This is obviously quite undesirable.

There however is no general agreement between Reumofan Plus users that these symptoms always occur, which leads me to believe that this ingredient is not found in every single pill, which is what happens when a pill is marketed as a supplement as opposed to a pharmaceutical product as it is not up for the same quality checks as other pills on the market.

Many older people opt to take Reumofan Plus is order to negate the side effects of Oseoarthritis, however this is where the majority of problems start. Older people are particularly vulnerable to steroids which when they are taken off of them it can wreak havoc on their body including some very serious long term issues that as respiratory failure.

Always consult your GP before taking Reumofan Plus, if any of them have any sense they will not recommend that you take it due to the severe problems that it will cause you in the long run.

It is very obvious that Reumofan Plus Pills can help us in the short term, the evidence on the internet shows that. We should however long beyond the short term and become more worried about how Reumofan Plus Side Effects will affect us in the long run, if you have any knowledge of what steroids can do to you then you will have already decided that Reumofan Plus is not for you.

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